50+ activities for bachelor parties

What are the best activities for a bachelor party? There are about as many answers here as there are groups that organize stag parties.

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For some, a camping trip in the forest with a fishing rod can provide the perfect experience, for others it is a nightmare. For others, a spa or skydiving is the dream, for others it is the worst thing they can imagine. There are many clichés and typical activities when it comes to bachelor party activities, remember that the most important thing is not to do the same as everyone else, the important thing is to create a good experience together.

Most bachelor parties contain some of the following elements (with examples below each point):


  • Bride/groom is kidnapped
  • The bride/groom is woken up in the morning and taken on a tour
  • The bride/groom is picked up in a police car, tractor or helicopter
  • Bride/groom must be blindfolded during parts of the event
  • An old acquaintance appears
  • A fun gift

Go away:

  • A weekend at the cabin
  • Apartment in the mountains
  • Big city holiday (How about Oktoberfest in Munich, casino in Las Vegas or Jack The Ripper tour in London)
  • Spa stay at hotel
  • Home of one of the participants

Something you haven't done before or a challenge:

  • Bungee jumping or parachute jumping
  • Extreme sports like rafting, gorge walking, climbing, bobsleigh, rib boat etc
  • Holding a snake or a spider
  • Kissing a stranger, collecting phone numbers or buying condoms in sign language
  • Burn CD
  • Draw/paint a nude model, be drawn/painted
  • Pole dancing


Something you did as a child/youth:


Something special for the bride/groom:

  • Spa, massage or some form of treatment
  • Drive in a rally car
  • Helicopter ride
  • Limousine
  • To be predicted
  • Stripper
  • Photo session
  • Quiz about the bride/groom



Something common to all:

  • Costumes
  • Like T-shirts
  • Hot tub
  • Spa
  • Dildo party
  • Wine tasting or whiskey/cognac course
  • Go-kart
  • Paintball/Archery Tag/Laser Tag/Battlefield – various fighting games
  • Height park or zipline

Good luck with the bachelor party!