Excitement and fun

Paintball is both exciting and fun and is suitable for groups of 8 or more participants. The paintball games can be arranged in advance or we can recommend which game suits best based on the wishes and size of the group.
The most popular games are:

"Capture the Flag".

This is an exciting game where each team has defined its own side of the forest.
The flag is placed in the middle and the task is to get hold of the flag and transport it safely to their territory without being hit.

"Full Contact".

Here it is about completely removing and "painting" the second layer.
The team with the most paint on them has lost.
NB! Here you should buy an extra box of balls.

"One Shot, One Kill".

This is extra fun, because here everyone plays against everyone.
Those who are hit are out of the game and in the end we are left with a worthy winner.


Good old-fashioned western atmosphere where it's all about being the fastest on the trigger.
Must sometimes be used if you have two steadfast warriors left in the forest.

Team ball

Teamball is a fun combination of teambuilding and paintball!
We start with 3-5 different team building activities to get the competitive instinct really going.

The winning team in team building gets extra paintball balls for the paintball match afterwards.

Where is Painball played?

In Dagali, paintball takes place in the forest at our wilderness camp.
Here you can use natural obstacles such as bushes and trees to hide behind.


Paintball: NOK NOK 500 per person.
Including all necessary equipment, suits, instructor and 200 balls per participant.

Teamball: NOK 650 per persons
Including 3-5 team building activities, all necessary equipment, uniforms, instructor and 200 balls per participant.

Play longer? Ekstra boks med 2000 baller koster kr. 2000,-