Viking rafting

Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? On Viking rafting you get 2-3 rapids in addition to the Superrafting trip.

Numedalslågen is one of Europe's best rafting rivers, a technical mountain river, which offers many exciting challenges. The fiercest Viking strokes are either very first or very last on the rafting trip, depending on the season. Some of the rapids are graded up to 5, on a scale from 1-6. During the rafting trip, you can, if you want, challenge the river with tougher lines than on our ordinary rafting trip. There are therefore greater opportunities for "Vikingbad" - that you fall out of the raft or the raft goes around! We therefore recommend that you have rafted before and are not skeptical about water.

Numedalslågen also showcases beautiful, untouched nature and consists of fresh and crystal clear water from the Hardangervidda National Park. On some of the quiet parts of the rafting trip, you can enjoy the nature around you and take a dip and float along with the raft.

Back at the raft base, photos and film clips from the trip are shown.

Guides and instruction

Our experienced and qualified rafting guides will take good care of you and the trip will be organized so that you get the experience you want. All participants receive personal follow-up with the right information, training and training. Review of safety and training is done before the start.


The availability for Viking rafting is based on experience of the season in previous years. But we cannot guarantee that Viking Rafting will be possible. An alternative rafting trip will always be offered, but we will of course refund the deposit or the entire amount if you wish to cancel.


Bring: Swimwear, woolen underwear and towel.

Duration: About 3.5 hours in total including transport and instruction. Duration may vary, depending on the amount of water in the river and the number of participants.

Meeting place: Rafting center Serious Fun, Aasbergmogen, 3588 Dagali. Meet 15 minutes before the booked time.

The rafting center Serious Fun is located approx. 30 minutes from Geilo.

Price includes: Experienced guide in each raft, transport to and from the meeting point and river, all necessary equipment: Wet suit, helmets, life jackets and wet shoes.

Age limit: 15 years with parental/guardian approval


NOK 1040 per person

If you book Viking rafting exclusively, you get a raft guaranteed to be all to yourself. There is room for up to 6 people in the raft. Included in the package are also photos/video from the rafting trip (value NOK 300)

Total price Viking rafting exclusive/own fee: NOK 6240


There is no requirement to book online, you can also book by telephone 40005786 or by e-mail:

All times are not available on online booking. If you want other times than what is available on our online booking, get in touch with us

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Tip 1:

The trips change with the water level and unfortunately we cannot offer Viking rafting all season. The water level changes in relation to snowmelt and rain. We can usually offer Viking rafting from mid-June to mid-August. The tours themselves also change based on the water level. Sometimes we surf the waves from the fantastic Ismalfoss (June). Other times we jump from a cliff into the river - a real adrenaline rush! (July-August).

Tip 2: 

As Viking rafting consists of extra rapids in addition for our ordinary rafting trip (See Superrafting), there are opportunities to arrange for a family/group to book together, but choose which parts of the river they want to join. For. e.g. Mum and dad will join the entire stretch (Viking rafting), while the children will not join the heaviest rapids. The children can drive around these rapids with our bus driver, and take part in the rest of the trip in the same raft with their parents. You pay for the trip you have taken part in. If you wish to combine rafting, we recommend that you contact us before booking