About the guides and the rafting center Serious Fun

Aim: Serious Fun is a company whose aim is to offer nature-based activities that burst with real energy, joy and quality. In order to achieve this goal, basic elements such as safety, experience, competence and the right equipment must be in place.

The rafting center is located at two National Parks: Hardangervidda National Park and Hallingskarvet National Park and 30 minutes from the National Park Village of Geilo.

Our base is conveniently located near highway 40 in Dagali. Please see the map for directions.

Family-run and locally rooted

Serious Fun is owned and run by family and locals from Dagali. It is Marianne and William who run Serious Fun and who you mostly meet at Serious FUN, by phone and email during the summer.

Marianne's brother, who has the longest experience as a guide at Numedalslågen, is also involved in the operation.

Serious Fun is first and foremost a lifestyle and the goal has been and always will be to create a fantastic experience together with guides and guests.

The rafting guides

Our rafting guides are handpicked from around the world. They all have long and wide experience, but also different backgrounds so that we complement each other and create a complete Serious FUN team. We have guides from Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Zimbabwe, Portugal and South Korea.

Read more about us below.

Photo: Trond Kjønås

  • Marianne

    Often called "the office lady" and is usually your first meeting @Serious FUN. Whether by phone, Facebook or e-mail, she does her best to facilitate you and your experience. Since her first summer job at Dagali Airport, she has been working with customer service. Experience with customer service: 24 years Course: First aid

    Fun fact: She has a very special sense of humor…
  • William

    Senior guide
    William started rafting in 1994 on the Zambesi. He is a skilled kayaker and quickly became the video manager on the Zambesi. He also helped develop new water activities on the Zambesi. He was the first to introduce riverboards on the Zambesi. He has rafted on several rivers in Africa, Australia and Europe. William came to Norway for the first time in 2000 and has been rafting at Numedalslågen every summer since then. In 2005, he started up Serious Fun. William is well known for being innovative and always having the guests in focus! Rafting guide experience: 23 years Course: Swift water rescue technician First aid

    Fun fact: Love a good water fight!
  • Inge-Andre

    Senior guide
    Inge-Andre has the most trips and guide years on the Numedalslågen and rafted his first commercial rafting trip in 1989. Rafting guide experience: 28 years. Courses: Swift water rescue First aid He works as an activity leader at Geilomo Children's Hospital in Geilo and he is an area manager in the military. He is Marianne's brother and William's brother in law and grew up in Dagali.

    Fun fact: He loves super dry jokes!
  • Chris

    Senior guide
    Chris is also from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and has been rafting the great Zambesi for 22 years. He has rafted on many rivers such as the Nile, Congo and the Orange River. In addition to rafting, he has worked in Medical Air Rescue as a paramedic. Rafting guide experience: 22 years. 4th season on Serious FUN Course: Swift water rescue Paramedic course First aid

    Fun fact: He was the most mentioned guide in our Tripadvisor reviews in 2016
  • Eliot

    Senior guide
    Eliot is from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. He is full of good humor and lots of experience. He is not only a rafting guide, but also a Maloya, a traditional dancer in Zimbabwe. He has rafted many rivers in Europe and Africa. Rafting guide experience: 24 years. 3rd season on Serious FUN: Course:

    Quote: I like to move it, move it
  • BK

    Senior guide
    Bikani 'BK' Chuma is from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and has been rafting the Zambesi River between Zimbabwe and Zambia since 1996. He is also a Class V kayaker. Rafting guide experience: 21 years, 3rd season at Serious FUN Course: Swift water rescue First aid

    Quote: Mira!
  • Antonio

    Senior guide
    Born in Mozambique and grew up in a small town near the ocean in Portugal. He loves traveling and outdoor sports, but his real passion is being on the water! Rafting experience: 20 years Courses: Trip Leader/ Rafting Guide /3 First AID course (CPR, BFA and aquatics procedures) kayak coach grade / 1 portuguese federation

    Quote: “Vamos indo e vamos vendo”
  • Martin

    Senior guide
    Martin is from the Czech Republic and has been kayaking since he was a child. He has participated in competitions and expeditions all over Europe, the USA; Chile, India, Turkey and Ecuador. Rafting guide experience: 9 years Course: International Raft Federation – guide Bachelor degree – Sport and Physical education Rescue 3 Norway – WRT First aid

    Hobbies: sport, travel, good food and drink
  • Jacob

    Guide and bus driver
    Jacob is also known as the "Swedish Viking" He is working his third season at Serious FUN. In addition to being a guide on the river, he is also an activity instructor and bus driver. Jacob has a background in the military and is a certified wilderness guide from Sweden. He also works in the ski patrol in the winter and is a passionate person out in nature Course: First aid Experience rafting: 4 years

    Quote: Aaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaa
  • Johan

    Training guide
    Johan will be 17 years old and is from Fredrikstad. He is energetic and hardworking and joins most of the rafting trips to learn. His father, Rune Nordstand, is also a rafting guide and has known Marianne, William and Inge-Andre for many years.
  • Trond

    Jack of all trades
    Trond always shows up, preferably with a camera or two in hand. He is a local farmer but has many talents. Especially within photography and data. Trond receives many calls from us during the summer for technical support.