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Wilderness camp

The wilderness camp of the Serious Fun rafting center is idyllically located in the forest by a small lake.

Everything is arranged here for a cozy evening with the family, a gathering of friends, the stag party, the school class, the sports club or team building with the company.

In the wilderness camp there are:
Tent pitches for those who want to spend the night outdoors. There are also opportunities to hang up hammocks.

Wood-fired hot tubs where you can look out over Aasbergtjønn and the beautiful nature
Campfire, grill, table and benches for those who want a unique place to eat.
In the wilderness camp there is also a wharf and bathing facilities and canoes.

You decide for yourself whether you want to bring food or want an offer from us.

Villmarkscampen is not a camping place, and is a very basic camp where the focus is nature and not facilities. It is also not possible to drive all the way into the wilderness camp.

It is also cold at night, so you must bring warm clothes, a good sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

Accommodation: NOK NOK 100 per person. NB! Bring your own tent.

Hot tub: NOK NOK 100 per person. Minimum NOK 1,200 per stomp
By: NOK NOK 110 per sec