Planning and tips for stag parties

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Organizing bachelor parties is among the informal tasks of the groom, which can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a tiring affair. Here we collect our best tips to make the task as easy as possible:

Ravenous drunk grooms who vomit in the car, angry and hungry guests who think the arrangement was boring, participants who don't want to pay for themselves and a crying bride because a friend was forgotten and didn't come.

There are many pitfalls when organizing a stag party, but with a little planning you can create a great stag party that everyone will be a part of and remember fondly.

Remember who the main character is:

The bachelor party should be an event that celebrates the fact that someone you love is getting married. There is no need to do things that make the bride/groom break out in a cold sweat if she/he thinks about it for several years afterwards. Some have a dream of bungee jumping or diving, while others almost panic at the thought. If the main character has an extreme fear of spiders or is vehemently against any kind of use of weapons, it may be good to steer clear of reptile parks with a spider department or paintball.

The point is not to have fun at the expense of the bride/groom, the point is to do something fun together.

Plan well in advance:

Don't put off the hen party until the last weekend before the wedding, the chance that the expectant bride/groom will have more than enough to do at that point is imminent. It is not always so easy to find a date that suits everyone, but set up a couple of options and try to find something that suits most people. Remember to ask the bride/groom's chosen one if the weekend you choose is suitable. It's stupid to kidnap the groom on a Saturday that the bride has ordered a tailor to customize his tuxedo.

In general, girls are good at planning well in advance, while boys take things more on the spur of the moment. We sometimes get requests from girls who will be organizing bachelorette parties in more than a year, but it also happens that boys call wondering if there is free time tomorrow.

In order to bring everyone you want along and also get the arrangement you want, it is good to start planning at least a couple of months before the stag party is to be held.

Ask the bride/groom who they want to bring:

It is not so easy to guess who should be included unless you are a very close-knit group that has been hanging out together for "all the years". It's terribly sad if someone is forgotten, but it can be almost as bad if you include someone who the main character would rather not have with...

Create a Facebook group or a mailing list for the participants:

If all the participants are on Facebook, a closed Facebook group is a very easy way to reach out to everyone with information. The threshold for making small things on Facebook is often lower than for sending an email, which often means that more people actually respond to suggestions and offers.

Create a budget:

What a bachelor party costs depends entirely on who is organizing it and who will be there. Some choose a shopping trip to Dubai, while others have a picnic in the garden. Find out roughly what the participants can use, there's little point in planning a flight in the F-16 if no one can afford to pay for it.

A small tip, however, is that most people are far more willing to spend money on something they themselves participate in than on something good the bride/groom and possibly groomsmen get to attend. It is not unusual that everyone can afford to spend NOK 800 per person on a climbing course, while the same group cannot afford to spend NOK 800 per person on sending the groom and groomsmen on a helicopter tour.

Raise money in advance:

If you order activities from a supplier, this must usually be paid in advance. Make sure to collect money in good time from everyone. It has easily become the case that the groom posts and has to spend a lot of time and energy collecting money from the participants. Set a registration deadline and a payment deadline and stick to it. If there are additional participants later, it can usually be resolved, but then at least you won't have to pay for someone who doesn't even join.

Activities on the bachelor party:

This is a big topic that I write more about in a separate post; 50+ activities for stag parties. As long as you come up with something that suits both the protagonist and the rest of the company, most things can work, from a visit to a restaurant one evening to a weekend of extreme sports. It's fun to test some limits and try out new things, but make sure you know where the limits are before you expose the bride/groom to something extreme.


Cheating is fun and is part of too many stag parties. Some are kidnapped and taken to an unknown place, some are left "alone" in the forest, with tasks that will bring them to a meeting point. Some think they are going to a seminar with their job before they are suddenly picked up by a limousine on their way to the Danish boat. Some are carried sleeping into another house in the middle of the night (usually after the party...) and wake up in a completely unknown place the next morning. Others think they are going to parachute before being taken in a rally car.

It's fun to trick the main character, and the more personal you can make it, the better it usually is. However, be careful that the main character is not disappointed when the deception is revealed. If you dream of bungee jumping and are told that you will be bungee jumping before you are taken to the Nintendo night, it can quickly become a big disappointment.

Overnight trip?

A bachelor party with an overnight stay is often very good because you have more time together. Many accommodation facilities do not want stag parties to visit, especially stag parties are not popular. This often feels badly done when you try to order, because you are not like that, but in places that have many family guests it is usually easy to understand why stag parties are not so highly rated.

If you want an overnight trip, it's a good idea to play with open cards all the way. It's better to be rejected on the phone because you're a bachelor party than when all the guys come in superman costumes and don't get to check in.

Rent a cabin or an apartment for yourself rather than on a family camping site, and stay away from prominent family places.

Drinking out is not the same as shitting out:

Coming up with tricks and tasks for the person who is going to be drunk can be a fun part of the stag party. However, remember that what some people think is festive is absolutely terrible for others. While some people think it's fun to sell their clothes on the street or buy condoms with sign language, others think it's just terribly embarrassing and stupid.

It's also good to pay some attention to who the main character is going to marry. If, for example, the groom's chosen one has said that she thinks everything is fine except stripping, it is best not to put the groom in a situation where he is taken to a strip club (and the pictures appear on Facebook the following week).


Most stag parties contain alcohol to a greater or lesser extent. (Mostly to a greater extent...). Unless the main character is pregnant or abstinent, the evening tends to be quite humid. It's part of the fun, but be careful not to start the drinking so early and so hard that everyone is exhausted by early afternoon or grooms fall asleep in the middle of dinner.

If you have booked any kind of activities, there is often a requirement that you must be sober while the activity takes place, then it is stupid to show up under the influence of liquor and think that the organizer will not notice. Check what applies to what you are going to do.


Without food and drink, the hero is not enough, it is said, and this is also true for stag parties. However, many forget the "food" part of it and rely on liquid food alone to keep going. There is a lot of good food in good beer, but for a day at full speed it rarely lasts all the way to the finish line. It pays to plan the food as part of the event, hungry and cranky participants are not what you want to be responsible for when the day ends tonight.

You can arrange food yourself, bring packed lunches, sausages for grilling or picnic baskets that are brought with you wherever you go. You can order food from a restaurant or someone who does catering, then you can pick up the food and eat when it suits you, or you can enter a visit to a restaurant as part of the plan. Find a place with a menu and budget that suits your group, and check with the restaurant if it's okay for you to come as a bachelor party.

Remember that the most important thing about the day is to have fun together. Good planning just makes that much easier!

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