30+ games and puzzles for bachelor parties

To create a personal touch on the stag party, you can add games, tasks or puzzles for the bride or groom. Here, only the imagination sets limits to what you can do, but since the imagination often does just that, we give you more than 30 suggestions for what you can come up with.

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In this article, we write "the bride" in all the tips, but most things can be made to suit a stag party as well.


Balloon game:

Blow up balloons and write the name of each of the bride's ex-boyfriends on each balloon. The bride must pop the balloons to mark that she is done with these conditions. The last balloon is marked with the groom's name, which the bride takes with her for the rest of the day.

Variants: Write a small story on a piece of paper and put inside the balloons, or have the participants in the hen party tell a funny story about the bride and the ex on each balloon.
Use water balloons


If the bride likes quizzes, you can create a quiz with topics the bride is good at so that she almost has to win.

Variants: Add the quiz to the place she grew up or create it as a "nature trail", whether in the forest or in the city.
Anyone who answers incorrectly must drink or receive another, appropriate punishment.

Gift game:

This is a hen party classic. All the guests wrap a present for the bride. The gift should be associated with a special memory that the guest and the bride share. The bride must then guess who the gift is from and tell the story behind it.


Give the bride money to buy gifts for all the participants in the hen party instead. This is best suited if you are in the city or at a shopping center early in the day. Here, the participants have to guess who the gift is for and the story behind it.

Ditch the gifts and create a playlist with a song from each guest instead. Music often brings back memories and you end up with a wonderful, nostalgic playlist full of good memories.

If you can't guess correctly, you have to drink.

The housewife test:

The bride has to perform several different housewifely tasks such as making brown sauce, putting on a pair of trousers, ironing a shirt or ironing a sock.

Go for typical male tasks instead and let the bride change a tire, assemble a flat-packed piece of furniture or grill a steak.

Video interview:

Create a series of questions to ask the groom. Before the bachelor party, you interview the groom with all these questions. Here you can be funny, nostalgic, romantic, on the edge or a bit of everything.

In the bachelor party, you show the video, but stop after each question. The bride must then guess what the groom has answered before she gets to hear the answer. If she answers incorrectly, you must give an appropriate punishment.

Interview the bride's mother, sister or the participants in the hen party instead.

Treasure Hunt:

The bride is given a list of things to find, and gets points based on how many she manages. The place where the stag party is held is essential for what should be on the list.

Find a man with the same name as the groom
Find another stag party
Get the bartender to invent a special drink just for her
Get others at the bar to order this drink
Finding things that resemble… the male anatomy (you know what we mean!)
Ask people you meet to write down a piece of advice for a good marriage on a napkin, points are given for each piece of advice you get
Take a photo with a police officer
Go with a veil made of toilet paper
Need more inspiration? Google "bachelorette party scavenger hunt" and you will get lots of tips

Who's in?

Create puzzles or tasks that must be solved for the bride to find all the participants.

Create a task to find each person or a series of tasks that lead the bride to a place where the rest of the gang is waiting.

I love you:

The bride must learn to say "I love you" in ten languages. She finds this out by asking random people on the street.

Packing list:

Give the bride a list of things she must pack ready in a bag before the bachelorette party. Write down a number of things that have nothing to do with what you are going to do, for example a hat, mittens and sleeping bag if you are going to a spa in the summer or a diving mask and snorkel for a day of skiing.

PS: be careful not to set your expectations too high in relation to what you are going to, if you pack your passport and bikini and end up at the bowling alley down the street, it can easily be a disappointment.


Make hats or masks with appropriate inscribed text. "Single", "wild girl" and "posh" or "the oldest", "the smart one", "the quiet one" etc can be an option. The bride must then put the hat on the participant who she thinks the text suits best.

Image Guessing:

All participants bring a baby picture of themselves, the bride must guess who is who.

Tour guide:

Use public transport to get to your destination for the day. On the way to the bride be a guide on the bus/train/tram.

Photo puzzle:

The bride receives a list of things or people she is to take a picture of herself with. Send her a disposable camera, a digital camera or use your mobile phone.

Hot challenges:

Perhaps best suited out on the town and is not for all brides. Get the bride to collect the phone numbers of ten men, buy the boxers of someone you meet or ask for a kiss from a stranger.

Blind wine tasting:

Buy different red wines that you wrap in paper bags, so that you can't tell which wine is which. Feel free to choose different wines in varied price ranges. All the participants give points to all the wines and the winning wine is chosen in the end.

Use white wine, sparkling wine, whiskey or beer (preferably special varieties from smaller breweries) instead.

Panty gift:

All participants bring a (new) panty as a gift to the bride. The panties must reflect the giver and the bride must guess who gave the gift.

Drink bracelet:

All participants tie a bow around their wrist. When the bride wants something to drink, she ties one of the bows and the owner has to get her a drink.

Not exactly games and puzzles, but fun to bring along:

Memory book:

All participants create a page for a memory book where they decorate themselves, paste in photos, memories and funny stories from their friendship with the bride. A great gift for the bride to take with her.