15 ways to ruin a bachelor party

There are many ways to make a good bachelor party, but there are also traps you really don't want to fall into. We list the most important ones here. In the text, we have used "groom" for the person who is to be drunk, but the points apply equally to hen parties.

1) Select a date that does not suit

Everything is ready, the stag party is planned to the letter, the gang is gathered and will kidnap the groom. Then it turns out that this weekend he is away for work/gets a tailored tuxedo for the wedding/his chosen one is away and he is alone with the children

Check the date! Listen to the chosen one and with the job, be sure that the groom can!

2) Forget an important participant

The gang gathers, everyone is ready and then the groom asks "Where is Arne, my best friend from childhood?" and you think "Who the hell is Arne?!".

It is not always so easy to know who to invite, a check in the circle of friends usually helps, but sometimes there is an important friend that the groom knows from a completely different context that no one has thought of, but who should have been there. It is permissible to ask the groom for a list of who he wants to be invited to the stag party, but we recommend doing so long before the actual stag party takes place.

3) Do something that causes the wedding to be cancelled

This one is really ugly. Suppose the groom is known for his lack of judgment when drinking, as well as his excessive interest in the opposite sex. Of course he has a responsibility to himself, but if you get him drunk, smuggle Viagra into him and pay for a session in a brothel in Amsterdam, you can't expect that neither the wedding nor the friendship with the groom will ever be the same.

4) Do something that makes the groom's elect stand on end

It is quite acceptable to do something more "on the edge" in a bachelor party than usual, but steer clear of activities that make the groom's chosen one see red. If she is active in the women's group Ottar, she will hardly take kindly to the fact that her boyfriend spent his bachelor party at a strip club. The groom surely knows this and knowing that you have to defend this when you get home definitely puts a damper on the experience.

If the groom feels that he has to lie about what he has done when he gets home, it would be better to come up with something else.

5) Do something the groom really doesn't want to do

It is permissible to challenge and push boundaries. But if the groom has a real fear of heights, there are many better activities than bungee jumping, and if he is the shy type, going out wearing only thongs is unlikely to make the day a great joy. If the groom has problems with gambling addiction, the poker night is not the thing either...

6) Raise expectations and not deliver

If the groom, or the whole gang, is tricked into thinking you're going to fly to a big European city, only to be surprised that you're going bowling in your hometown, expect a bad atmosphere. Tricks and tricks are part of it, but don't disappoint the participants by pretending you're going to do something cooler than you really are. Then it is better to do it the other way around, the bowling night that ended in Prague is very much better than the opposite.

7) Give the groom a drink early

This one is a regular. Alcohol is an important part of most bachelor parties and we all serve the groom. It's fun until he falls asleep/spits/gets really argumentative. Remember, this is the groom's day. It's awkward if he doesn't get to participate in anything after dinner.

8) Losing the groom

No matter what you come up with and where you are, make sure the groom is with you. If someone else messes up, it will be their responsibility, but keep track of the groom. The explanation problems when you get home will be big!

Stories about people waking up in Paris with no idea how they got there are funny when you hear about them, not when you're in the middle of the situation.

9) Do something boring

Bachelor parties should be fun. It doesn't have to be expensive, but then you probably need a little extra creativity and planning. Put energy into this, make sure you have good plans and that what you do is really fun.

Make sure that the day doesn't contain a lot of dead time, whether it's that the whole gang has to wait for 2 hours while the groom parachutes or that you just don't have anything to do between breakfast and a pub crawl in the evening. Make sure something happens!

10) Price yourself out

There is so much fun that you can come up with and it is easy to put the list very high when you want to plan the perfect stag party. However, be sure to be open about the budget with the rest of the participants. It doesn't help that the plan is the world's coolest bachelor party if none of the guys can afford to join.

11) Do not organize the payment

Do yourself a favor as a fiancé; make a plan for how the guild will be paid and make sure that the participants pre-pay everything that is not to be paid by the individual on the spot.

It is not fun to have posted for a stag party and then have to spend a lot of time and energy collecting money afterwards. Set a payment deadline and follow it slavishly. It saves yourself a lot of trouble!

12) Without food and drink…

We've never heard of a stag party that forgot to think about drinks. However, many people forget to think about food. No matter how fun the activities are, the mood will eventually become quite gloomy if no one gets to eat. Therefore, check whether it is possible to eat where you are going. If not, you must make a plan for the food, whether it is to bring a disposable grill or hire your own chef.

13) Arrived late

If you have ordered a program of activities, make sure you are out in good time. Remember that if 20 cars are to drive from AB, it usually takes longer than if you drive a couple of cars. A stop at a gas station quickly takes half an hour if everyone has to pee and eat a sausage, and if you arrive too late, you will at best have less time for the activities you have planned. In some cases, you may not participate at all. If you see that the timetable is breaking, call and let them know where you are going, most suppliers do their best to make it happen if they are only told.

14) Really dangerous and foolish things

Drunk driving whether by car, motorcycle, boat or something else, diving into shallow water or attempting stunts without having sufficient knowledge or people with the right skills. Unfortunately, fatal accidents occur in connection with stag parties, also in Norway.

15) Tattoo as a memory of the evening

No, no and absolutely no!