25 ways to earn money for a class trip

There are many ways to earn money for a class trip, but it is not always so easy to find your way around and choose how to raise money. Many municipalities have become more restrictive in contributing to class trips and camp schools in recent years, which has made it more difficult to scrape together enough money to carry out a trip. It is a requirement that no one should be required to pay for the trip themselves or contribute a deductible, there should be equality for everyone, regardless of financial situation.

This has meant that many schools have stopped going on trips, which we think is a great shame. Getting away from the familiar surroundings, experiencing new places, whether it's Norwegian mountains or European cities, nature experiences or culture, such trips leave their mark on a completely different way from normal classroom teaching. Ask anyone who has been to camp school or a field trip and they can probably tell you both where they were and what they were doing 5 or 25 years ago.

A class trip brings the students together. By living and doing activities together for several days in a row, you create experiences and togetherness that give you a feeling of community.

Here you will get tips for both known and more unknown ways to earn money and collect for the school trip.

25 ways to earn money for the class trip:

Flea market

Everyone has something they don't need. By organizing a flea market, one can earn quite a bit of money for the trip. There is a lot of work involved, but it can pay off very well. Be sure to start planning well in advance!

Service company

Pupils can take on washing, snow shoveling or raking for a certain sum which goes towards the class trip. Mowing roofs can provide good income in winters with a lot of snow, but requires a lot of work during the hours you work. Dog walking, childcare, painting, car washing and maintenance are other things the service company can offer.

Make sure that the service company is well organized so that all the money goes in where it should and all students contribute roughly the same amount.

Item count

Ask local businesses if they need help with stock counts at the end of the year.


Whether you choose to have a cake lottery on 17 May or sell tickets at the door, there can be a lot to be gained from a lottery. Remember that all lotteries must be approved by the police.


Create a calendar and sell advertising space to the local business community. Most online photo shops and printers can produce the calendar.

Christmas trepant

After Christmas, students can pick up Christmas trees in the neighborhoods for a certain amount, for example NOK 50-100. Make sure you have a place to dispose of the trees after collection, most municipalities allow you to deliver Christmas trees to the landfill for free, it goes like garden waste, but check with your own municipality just to be sure. The action requires a few adults who line up with a car and trailer, and gives a better result if you do a good job and inform all the neighbors about the "pawn action" before Christmas.

Contribute to events

If a major event is to be organized in the area, contact the organizer and see if you can contribute in any way. Many classes have collected good money as parking attendants at festivals, with rigging for fairs or as clerks and assistants at sports events. Check out what is happening at large and small events at your location and contact the organizer to check the possibilities.

Paid surveys

Several companies pay for taking part in surveys. A search for "paid surveys" gives hits about current campaigns. You don't earn that many kroner per survey, but if you have 30 students who do this regularly over a year, it can quickly add money to the travel coffers.

Check that you choose a serious player by Googleing the company before you start. Some people only pay in the form of gift cards or products, which is not so useful when the goal is to get on a trip.

Sell toilet paper/toilet paper

By taking orders for toilet paper/toilet paper and delivering the paper to the door, you can earn good money for the trip. Someone has to organize and a place is needed to store the toilet paper before delivery, but the sales job is usually quite simple, because everyone needs toilet paper! One tip is to seek out local businesses, they tend to buy in larger quantities than private individuals do. Read more at Dugnadportalen.no

Advertising space on T-shirt

Make a T-shirt or jumper for all the students and sell advertising space to local businesses. For NOK 500 - 1000, they can have their logo printed on all the class's T-shirts. Make sure you take pictures of the whole class with the T-shirts on, where the logos look good, which you can send to the companies as a thank you.

Sale of food at school

In some schools, students can sell e.g. slices of pizza or home-baked buns in stores to raise money for the trip.

Bottle collection

Pupils can go door to door and offer to bring pledge bottles. It is a good idea to send out notes in advance about when you will be coming, so that people can collect their deposit. This can also be done over a long period of time, with the students deciding an amount for which everyone must collect pledge bottles. If you make an agreement with benevolent neighbours, it can add up to a significant amount within a few months.

Tire change

Schedule a tire change on a weekend when it is time to change the tires on the car, e.g. in the school yard or another place you are allowed to use. Get some knowledgeable parents with a proper jack so that the job is done in a simple and safe way.

No to drugs - flowers

You can sell flowers for No to Drugs, which also gives money in the pot for the class. Ask for permission to stand in a shopping centre, in the city center or another place with a lot of people. Many people are more positive about buying something that goes to a good cause, if they are going to buy from strangers. Read more at No to Narcotics

Festive dinner

The pupils prepare a festive dinner and invite their parents and other family and friends to dinner at the school or in another suitable venue. Everyone who signs up pays a certain amount for the dinner, the income of which goes to the class trip. Perhaps this can be done as part of "specialized food and health"?

Participate in competitions

There are several competitions where you can participate to win money for something you want. On klassekassen.no you can register your case, whoever gets the most votes wins. There are also other competitions that you can try your hand at. Remember that such a competition is very uncertain and that the chance of you winning is not that great, therefore you should work on collecting money in other ways as well.

Selling cookies

Selling cookies can be a great way to earn money for the class trip. A tip is to add the sale before Christmas, a cake box is a great gift idea. There are several suppliers you can use, one example is Norkak. They provide the opportunity to make your own labels with the school's name on the boxes.

Computer course

Pupils can run computer courses for older people who want to learn how to use a computer/image processing/Facebook or similar. Well planned, this can be very successful, but is not necessarily suitable for all students.

Cake sale at the event

Sell cakes at school events; parent meetings, performances and activity days.

Create a newspaper

Make a class newspaper/school newspaper that you sell to the whole school, friends and acquaintances. Ask the teachers whether this can be done as part of the school work, for example as a project work. Talk to local businesses and sell advertising space in the newspaper.


Create a revue or other entertainment you can have one evening. Then sell tickets to family and friends. Try to get the local newspaper to write about the event, it may attract more spectators. You will of course organize a coffee/cake sale during the break, to generate income for the trip.

Sell first aid kit

A first aid kit is something most people need, at home, in the car or at work. The class can sell first aid kits to raise money for the trip.

More info at Firstaidkit.no

Sell briquettes

Norgesbriketten is a quality product, environmentally friendly fire briquettes that are easy to sell.

More info at Norgesbriketten.no

Voluntary contribution

Parents and others who wish can contribute to the class trip on a voluntary basis. Such a collection should take place so that one contributes anonymously, or at least that only a few people get to know who has (and has not) given money. With such an arrangement, students can request a contribution to the class trip as birthday and Christmas presents.

Check with the school before you start such an action, it is important that it is done in an orderly manner.

Apply for contributions from funds and foundations

In many places there are funds and foundations that will go to children and young people's upbringing environment. Check out what is available in your local area, there may be local banks that distribute money, memorial funds or other foundations.

Sell birthday cards

Everyone has a birthday, but do you have a suitable card lying around when an invitation arrives? You can sell boxes of birthday cards to earn money for the class fund.

Read more at www.celias.no

Do you get paid for this?

We get a lot of questions about what we get paid by the companies mentioned on this page. That's easy to answer. We do not get paid for anyone, nor do we post recommendations of companies for a fee.

This article is intended to be of help to those of you who are going to organize a class trip by showing a wide range of possibilities - not an advertising space for companies that have products that can be sold for a class.