Team building

Team building is about teamwork, competition and about having fun!

Team building in good Norwegian has become mandatory on company trips, conferences and courses. What's better for motivation than getting out of the course room and getting some fresh air and moving your body?

Of course, team building is also suitable for school classes, groups of friends and stag parties.

We have a number of activities on our list and we create a plan adapted to each individual group. The arrangement obviously depends on the group's size and wishes, time of year and location.

We want to be able to offer a variety of activities, from whimsical brainteasers to festive, physical challenges. All our other activities can of course be included in a team building plan.

Prices: From NOK. NOK 490 per person for 5 activities

The Gladiator:

Two and two challenge each other sitting on a sturdy tree trunk. With one hand on the back and the other with a good grip around the haybag, it is a matter of hiding the competitor in the straw under the tree trunk. Very festive and not least entertaining!

Bow and arrow:

Who has a Robin Hood in them? Here, it's all about mastering the equipment itself and, of course, hitting the mark. An activity that really gives a feeling of mastery when you succeed.

Bungee run:

One of our most popular team building activities. With bungee cord around the waist, it's all about getting the farthest and planting your flag. Both individually and in pairs, you can challenge each other in this activity and an unknown number of techniques can be tested.

Tandem skiing:

Winter activity where you can place up to 3 people on each pair of skis. Here it is all about being in agreement and getting to the finish line first. Very challenging, but most of all hysterically funny.

Tire Throw:

Here you have to build your own obstacle course while completing it. You throw the tires in front of you and then jump them. The aim is of course to come first, but should you throw far and have to jump far or short and have to throw several times...?

Rocking twist:

Who is the fastest and lightest on their feet? In a ring with all the participants holding hands, the rocking rings must be twisted around without stopping. Where the rockings meet or are stopped, the participant must exit, this takes place until a worthy winner is left at the end.


You have to have a bit of a headache, and we have put together some tasks that are quirky, informal and fun. The solutions are not always as logical or illogical as they seem...


Who is the fastest in a canoe? Simply a race with a canoe. A different kind of race that challenges both strength, technique and team spirit.

Blind Man's Bluff:

Two and two must go through an obstacle course. Sounds easy perhaps? The obstacle course immediately becomes more challenging with your teammate blindfolded. Here you have to trust your gut feeling and, not least, your teammate who has his eyes available.

Beach volleyball:

Old volleyball arts are dusted off and team coordination is really challenged in beach volleyball. Effort counts as much as technique and the competitive instinct is clearly visible in this activity.

Tribal caste:

Here you have the opportunity to show off raw power and brutal technique. Who can throw the trunk the farthest?


Who is the fastest in a canoe? Simply a race with a canoe. A different kind of race that challenges both strength, technique and team spirit.